Velvet from Vera Costa® was officially born in 2012 to dedicate itself to planning and styling events, with the aim of creating unique and meaningful moments.

Specialized in the organization of bespoke weddings since 2013, it has extensive experience of local and destination weddings held in Portugal, always striving to provide the best quality of service.

Each wedding is unique and varied as the personality of each client. This means each moment will be personal, rich in details, elegant and truly authentic.

With studio based near Porto city, works with total dedication and efficiency in every part of the country.

Founder, event planner and stylist

Vera Costa is the person who manages all the events and works with each client in a personalized way. Her extensive professional experience, combined with the sensitivity and detail in which she works, distinguishes her in the wedding and events industry. Her secret lies in the way she dedicates her soul to each project.

“I graduated from law school and spent the next few years practicing law, teaching and later working in administration, but it was when I created Velvet that I found my true passion.
The idea started as a blog to share ideas and inspiration, but it grew naturally into putting all these ideas into practice!
Today I have the privilege of doing what I love, meeting incredible people and working with some of the best professionals who share the same passion as me. I can say that there is nothing that makes me more fulfilled than knowing a beautiful story, helping to make a dream come true and helping that moment unfold!”