“We wanted to say thank you for your assistance! We couldn’t have found a better person and such a strict professional.

Soon we established mutual trust between us and this was seen on the D-day as everything went well and perfect as we had dreamed!

Thank you so much for all the work, support and dedication.”



“Good morning Vera, it feels like we are waking up from a dream, it was TOP!

We loved everything! Everyone left with a smile on their face and that was the most important thing for us!

Who has a Vera really has everything! Thank you!”



Thanks for the behind the scenes and thank you so much again for your work and commitment !!! It was better than we could have dreamed. Best wedding planner ever!



“Dear Vera!
We want to thank you for helping us make our event so memorable, smooth, fun and organized.You truly did a wonderful job, we got to enjoy our entire day and night without having to worry a single bit about a thing. We are happy that we found you and had the pleasure of working with you! Your recommendations for vendors were amazing, and everything from the set up, to make up, to the fireworks worked perfectly. We are very grateful for your work. We also want to thank the decoration for the gorgeous flower decor and arrangements, it was better than we could have ever imagined.

We sincerely thank you.”

Maria & Alex


“Excellent quality of services and impeccable execution.

Vera and her team are simply the best!”

David & Thomas


“I would recommend Vera’s services every day. The wedding is undoubtedly the most memorable and difficult event to plan, but Vera made everything easier. With her there are no impossibles, as she always found a way to match our needs / tastes / demands. From the first contact I knew that she was the right person to make our life easier and that´s what happened.
Thank you Vera. “

Paula & João


“More than family, a partner. It is difficult to write this recommendation, since Velvet From Vera Costa was the best partner from the planning of the wedding to the coordination of the day. I can’t imagine how the day would have gone without the presence of Vera and her assistant Liliana, who have always been by my side and made sure that all my requests were fulfilled, despite all the obstacles. (…) Thank you very much.”

Catarina & Mauricio


“Thanking you is not enough! We owe Vera this dream turning to reality. We thought about having a small family gathering after a religious ceremony. But Vera Costa, with her touch of originality and her unique perception, gave us much more : a touching, unique, elegant celebration and, with the simplicity we wanted, superb! Objective, perceptive, and above all, competent.  Photographers, makeup artists, musicians and team of professionals recommended also knew how to serve us in the best way. “

Anna & Thiago


“I found Vera after multiple hours of research and Skype interviews with 5 other planners in Portugal. Me and husband live in the United States, have a very demanding job and also little time to plan a destination wedding. For me (the bride) finding someone that could understand my style, the level of detail I was looking for and how much this wedding meant to me was very important. After talking with Vera for about 5 min a knew she was exactly what I was looking for. Someone who can listen to what was important to me and my husband, someone that could speak perfect english and Portuguese to communicate with both families and more importantly someone that will help me understand what’s important and what’s not. (…)

She responded to all my text messages for 1 year, she connected with me over Skype almost every week for 1 year and for at least a couple hours, she helped us with all the paper work needed to get married in Church in Portugal, she has an EXCEPTIONAL team of people that she works with (but if you want to work with someone specifically she is fine with that too) and she even showed up to our rehearsal dinner and stayed at the hotel with us the night before, as a surprise, to make sure everything was perfect. I can’t thank you enough for making our day the most special day. Our wedding was not only beautiful, it was so perfectly organized that every moment flawlessly transitioned to the next one without any of us even noticing it. Having you allowed us to fully enjoy our day knowing that you had it under control.

THANK YOU VERA! Your work absolutely exceeded my expectations, you went above and beyond.”

Fanny & Paul


” (…) So we started planning our wedding a good 2 years in advance and we quickly realized that we would need assistance from somebody in Portugal, because it would be practically impossible to organize a wedding from a distance. Then on our next trip to Portugal my beautiful wife planned a meeting with a wedding planner, being Velvet From Vera Costa! Our first impressions were great, we had a very nice conversation, Vera’s english is great, which was important to me because my Portuguese is not so great, yet. We kind of instantly knew we were going to hire Vera, and our next conversations via Skype and messages confirmed our decision. She just has great taste herself which is very similar to ours, and what I’ve noticed throughout the process is that she really adapts to the taste individually and she pays attention to detail.

All in all the whole planning is so much work and if you’re not there in person I think it would just be to stressful to handle, at least for me…So we were really blessed with Vera and of course also her collaborators such as the photographers, videographers, makeup artists, dj’s and so on. The whole collaboration between them ran super smoothly, as far as we noticed. And of course Vera knows whom to recommend and find the one that fits the best with the couple.


On the magical day itself, well, it just ran even better than I expected. In the beginning I thought the schedule would be a bit too tight and maybe even too much but the whole day went by perfectly. We have to give huge credit to Vera for her perfect coordination and planning during the day. If I could I would relive that day again and again!

If you want the best wedding for yourself you have to hire the best wedding planner! Vera Costa, thank you!”

Sonia & Jonah