Each event is achieved through  meticulous planning 

— Yida & Joao

We know that our wedding felt very stress-free because Vera has been taking care of everything for us in the background. We highly recommend her wedding service to anyone who wants some help on the "annoying side" of wedding planning so you can enjoy the fun ones.

"Undoubtedly, Vera was one of the best decisions we made."

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wedding and event services

  • Budget planning for your event
  • Expert guidance on venue selection and endorsement
  • Careful vendor selection and endorsement to align with your vision
  • Seamless vendor management and coordination for a cohesive event
  • Creative style consultations and personalized mood board creation
  • Detailed wedding timeline development for flawless execution
  • Dedicated on-site assistance and coordination on your big day
  • Frequent consultations to ensure every detail is perfected to your satisfaction

If you require help throughout the entire planning journey, we can manage all aspects to guarantee a seamless and stress-free event. We will ensure that everything proceeds without a hitch and matches your vision perfectly, giving you the freedom to relax and savor every moment with your attendees. Our full service collection includes:

Velvet from Vera Costa works closely with you to ensure your wedding goes perfectly to plan and brings your vision to life.

full service

full service planning and COORDINATION

  • Budget planning for your event
  • Expert guidance on venue selection and recommendation
  • Vendor selection and endorsement 
  • Style discussion and personalized mood board creation
  • Detailed wedding timeline development 
  • Limited consultation time 

If you're hesitant about immediately committing to a full-service wedding planner, consider beginning with a consultation package. This initial step will assist you in budgeting, venue selection, and prioritizing your requirements. Should you later decide it's the right move, you can always upgrade to the full planning and coordination package. The consultation service is customized to meet your specific requirements and includes:

We work closely with you to ensure your wedding goes perfectly to plan and brings your vision to life.



Thoughtfulness in execution and coordination

An event that you will cherish forever

Intentional client care

Professional vendors 

 Seamless experience

Unforgettable planning process

what you can expect from OUR TEAM

During the week leading up to your wedding, I'll be sending out finalized timelines and managing all emails and logistics on your behalf. My aim is to minimize the need for you to field questions and to act as the liaison between vendors and your preferences. On the day of the event, we provide seamless support throughout. Typically, I'm among the first to arrive and among the last to depart. As your planner, my primary objective is to flawlessly execute your wedding day. By assuming various responsibilities, I aim to allow you and your guests to fully immerse yourselves in the moments and cherish the memories.

step four: EXECUTION

This is the pivotal moment where everything begins to take shape. A meticulously crafted timeline is established, every vendor is reached out to, and the elements start aligning to form your unforgettable day! I collaborate closely with each vendor, beginning with the photographer to devise a schedule that optimizes the photo sessions, as they dictate the rhythm of the day. Subsequently, I contact the venue and caterer to ensure an ideal timeline. Contingency plans, including a Plan B for adverse weather conditions, are also considered at this stage. As your planner, my role is to orchestrate all the moving parts of your wedding seamlessly.

step threE: Coordination with the vendors team 

After assembling the core vendor team, we transition to the styling stage. Here, we delve into your desired ambiance and aesthetic for your wedding day. Once your style preferences are clear, I'll craft a complete mood board to direct all vendors, particularly the designer and decorator, with whom I'll collaborate closely. Alongside finalizing the remaining vendors, I'll lead you through negotiation processes, contract agreements, and payment schedules during this phase.

step two: Planning - style and other vendors

We'll commence by organizing your budget and selecting the venue along with other vendors. During this crucial phase, my priority is to ensure that your budget is finalized and the key vendors, including the venue, photographer, videographer, and caterer, are secured before proceeding further. I'll assist you in prioritizing your ideas while staying within your budget constraints.


our process

wondering how it all works?

wondering how it all works?

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We specialize in planning and coordinating a diverse array of wedding ceremonies and celebrations, from religious to civil, and symbolic, celebrating every form of love without exception. Our expertise extends to organizing events for any size, from intimate affairs for two to grand celebrations for up to 200 guests. Our core mission is to create an extraordinarily memorable day for you, filled with love and inclusivity.


Our team collaborates with a select group of vendors who align with our dedication to excellence, passion, and the ability to cater to various budgets and styles. We carefully pair clients with vendors that best suit their specific needs. While we are open to exploring new vendor suggestions from clients, we conduct thorough evaluations before the event to guarantee they meet our high-quality standards.

What is the benefit of hiring your services if my chosen venue already provides a wedding coordinator?

The coordinator provided by your venue is primarily focused on the venue's interests. In contrast, a wedding planner you hire acts as your advocate, prioritizing your needs. Additionally, a venue's coordinator often plays a limited role in event planning and coordinating with other vendors. A wedding planner, on the other hand, is intimately involved in every aspect of the planning process and works to ensure your vision comes to life. These roles are distinct but complementary, working together to create the most memorable day for you.

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